CHARDONNAY        Bottle $19     Glass $8

A dry white with notes to pineapple and lemon, hints of oak with a buttery finish.

FREE BRIDGE WHITE    Bottle $18    Glass $7

A dry, medium bodied, crisp white blend, fruity and citrus notes with
hints of melon and vanilla. 

TRAMINETTE          Bottle $19    Glass $8

An off dry white wine with a distinct floral character. Elements of honeysuckle with a palate of pear and apricot.  



LEMBERGER         Bottle $18     Glass $8

A light bodied, young, dry red with soft tannins and black cherry notes.

ROVER RED             Bottle $21     Glass $9

A red blend with peppery notes, firm tannin, hints of red fruit with a smooth finish.

MERLOT            Bottle $19     Glass $9

A medium bodied red with soft silky tannins, subtle notes of plum and cherry with a rich finish.

CABERNET FRANC        Bottle $26    Glass $10

A deep, rich, medium bodied, complex red with berry notes and subtle tannins. Aged in Dad’s Hat oak whiskey barrels.

CABERNET SAUVIGNON    Bottle $22    Glass $9

A full bodied, fruit forward, red with hints of black cherry, blueberry and a long lingering finish.


SILK MILL ROSÉ         Bottle $18     Glass $8

A refreshing, well balanced slightly sweet rosé, light bodied with soft tannins, cherry notes and flowery aromas.



CAYUGA WHITE         Bottle $15     Glass $6

A sweet white fruit forward wine, with hints of citrus, melon and a floral bouquet.

VIDAL BLANC         Bottle $15     Glass $6

A sweet white dessert style wine with subtle hints of peach, apricot and honeysuckle.