About Us


About Us

Owners, Bo Trochym and Justin Fretz became friends through their children. Last year Bo’s father-in-law, Jack Fulton, decided to retire as vintner of his small vineyard that has served the home winemaker for the past 35 years. Bo and Justin saw this as a perfect opportunity to assume care of the vineyard and open an urban winery in Easton's Simon Silk Mill. Shortly thereafter, they welcomed seasoned winemaker, Dan Detrick, to join the project.


Bo Trochym - Co-Founder

Bo is a practicing emergency medicine physician who since 1996 has held both clinical and managerial positions. While living in NYC, he fell in love with his wife and her hometown of Easton.  Together they chose to live and raise their family here.  Since his move eight years ago he has been involved in the family business, learning the arts of viticulture and enology from his father-in-law Jack Fulton.  Bo is the owner of Vigna del Monte, a vineyard in Easton, which has 15 varietals including vinifera, French hybrids and experimental varieties.  The vines are carefully maintained and constantly monitored for quality.  Vina del Monte has been providing award winning grapes and juice to home winemakers across Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York since 1983.

Justin Fretz - Co-Founder

Having traveled to 50 different countries as a marine engineer Justin has returned to the Easton area to raise his family.  In his 15 year professional career Justin has held titles as Technician, Manager, Project Manager and lastly Product Manager. He has introduced new products to market, managed multiple large scale time critical projects, and successfully insourced a previously outsourced product.  This fall he will have completed a wine certificate program at Northampton Community College and hold a Certification from Wine School of Philadelphia.


Daniel Detrick - Winemaker
Dan’s journey in the wine world started in 2010 with planting his families first vines in the Poconos. For the next three years Dan learned as much as he could about caring for and training the vines in the unique cool climate of North-East Pennsylvania. From working with the vines, he soon found himself working with the wine in the cellar and became proficient at every step in the art of winemaking. Now with four years of winemaking experience and nearing a total production of 100,000 gallons of bottled wine, Dan has proven to be very versatile with crafting many different wine styles. For the past three years Dan has also been instructing enology, the study of wine and winemaking at Northampton Community College. He finds himself lucky to have found a career he loves so much, though it seems to be more of a lifestyle for him.